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Featured collection

Lost or Missing Packages

Like any package delivery, there is always a small chance that the Post Office either loses, delivers to the wrong address, or is holding the package somewhere. 
Trust us when we say we know how upsetting and frustrating this can be. We 100% get it! We want you to get and enjoy your items, just as much as you do!
However with that being said, please do not get upset at us if this happens. Once your package has left us, we have ZERO control on when it is delivered or if there are issues with delivery.
Once you receive your tracking number and it reads accepted in the tracking page it is 100% out of our hands and all on the post office.  We cannot find it for you or track it down for you because at that point it's no longer our property.  You will get much faster results by contacting your local post office.
If a package of yours is in this lost or missing category we kindly ask you to direct your frustrations to the USPS and not to us, because again, we can't do anything to make it go faster or fix the issues on their end.
To keep these occurrences to the absolute minimum, please please please double check that your shipping address is 100% accurate prior to completing your checkout.
We cant say it enough; PLEASE, PLEASE, double check your shipping address accuracy!
Being a small business we unfortunately can only do so much. We truly hope you understand and we truly hope this never happens to your packages!